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Wow! This week has been quite a learning experience! Personally, I think it will take me weeks, if not months, to truly process everything that I took in this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the conference. Please add your comments here or link to a blog post!

Here are some discussion starters. Feel free to write about anything else!

  • What sessions were most memorable?
  • How has your global perspective changed?
  • What's ONE thing that you'll incorporate into your professional practice?
  • How are you going to use the Quick Links archive past the live conference?
  • Any suggestions for next year?





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WELL the Conference was enjoyable .I have had a great time with u.My Global prospective has changed alot since the conference .\Now I'm really thirsty to share the world our youth issues more than I have ever .I really got the way I deal with people around.The thing that I'll imcoporate is the way I deal with the people around as I am studying nursing .I hope for this year to give certificates of sharing for the people shared in the event ,In the next year I hope that u'll use skype it is nore common






Aunque me integré los dos últimos días, considero que es una puerta enorme y poderosa estar en comunicación con otros compañeros de Educación en el mundo, porque al ser de diversas culturas y lenguas, es posible unificarnos en un sólo sentido de unidad, solidaridad, acompañamiento y colaboración.

En Michoacán, México, recientemente hemos formado la Red de maestros ambientalistas con la Carta de la Tierra (REEDUCARTE) como resultado del Diplomado de Educación ambiental a través del arte, que impartimos para la Secretaría de Educación de Michoacán, integrando nuestros método en la educación básica formal. Y esta experiencia en la Conferencia y en los foros nos ha permitido darnos cuenta que no estamos aislados, sino que formamos parte de una gran red invisible de amorosos de la educación.

Queremos seguir en contacto con todos los que han estado en esta Conferencia, queremos compartir nuestro camino y conocer los de ellas y ellos en otras partes del mundo.

Vamos a continuar explorando las posibilidades de las herramientas del sitio y de las oportunidades de comunicación e intercambio, ya que por lenguaje no hemos logrado comprender o utilizarlas de forma eficiente.

Tenemos proyectos de comunidades de aprendizaje en zonas indígenas y rurales, así como en urbanas y suburbanas que requieren financiación, por lo que necesitamos conocer los mecanismos de apoyo que podríamos utilizar para vincularnos con potenciales colaboradores, voluntarios y patrocinadores inversionistas, para continuar con la Educación ambiental a través del arte para el desarrollo de sociedades más justas, equitativas, pacíficas y sostenibles.

Felicidades por este titánico esfuerzo, por su energía y amor puesto al servicio de cada una y uno de los que aquí nos hemos encontrado!!

Gracias, cuenten con nosotros para apoyar, difundir y colaborar en lo que viene!!


Cardiela Amézcua Luna

Michoacán, México

Todo salio bien gracias a titanicos esfuerzos de "todos", hay algunos detalles pulir, pero el que mas me preocupo fue que fue muy cansador para los voluntarios que también teníamos ponencias, Ufff !, los horarios son muy dificiles por pais, creo que deben ser mas espaciados. Propongo para la tercera Conferencia

global de educación se realice durante un mes, no una semana.

Es mi humilde aporte el dia mas cansado de la jornada. 

Felicitaciones Lucy, steve y Tomas Chaskel.

Words from the Dali Lama are appropriate at the end of this conference:

"So far, of the twenty-first century, just over a decade has gone and the major part of it is yet to come. It is my hope that the twenty-first century will be a century of peace, a century of dialogue – a century when a more caring, responsible, and compassionate humanity will emerge. This is my prayer as well."

First of all I `d like to thank you for patience, goodwill and time. This has been a  great event, even though I could not attend all the sessions. The most important is to give the chance to all of us who have something to share.

There is something that I  keep in my mind, we should respect differences and technologies can help us.

I think that it is a conference on education but also a contribution for the world peace. People  and educators from many countries pursuing a similar goal. The schooling the world topic has confirmed my beliefs on what is going on in the world.

I am thankful for this opportunity. I presented my talk and the people attending  were so interested that made me feel as if I were the most important speaker of the world and that pays off.

I think it would be a good idea as someone said before to do the conference in a longer period so as to attend more sessions, maybe in the evenings or weekends.

I have to listen to the recordings and I will probably use  some them for teaching, other for reinforcing the ideas presented  and maybe get in touch with the authors to join any project.

Gid bless you all!

Ida Sessarego

I am so happy to be receiving e-mails from Keynote Speakers I connected with at the Global Collaborative on-line conference. The interactive experience on-line was a much "closer" experience than the large conferences I have attended. This conference broke down the barriers of "experts" and teachers. Authentic conversations took place during each presentation, and after. Hearing and reading the conversations helped everyone stay focused on the new learning, hour after hour. It's going to take me a while to come off this high. Steve Hargadon and Lucy, you have brought a truly authentic global connection to so many who walk the walk...

Maya Angelou once said - "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."  So many authentic voices were heard this past week.

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”—Anne Frank

Thanks a lot Steve and Lucy! Can you tell me please how many unique logins, presentations and countries 2011GEC had?

As Grazina said, it would be interesting to know how many sessions were held by which countries ? Which languages were used during online sessions ? Just to have an idea about the global impact of the global conference... :-) To help us to improve the audience of this event, beyond the borders, beyond the languages... For example during our sessions, to let french people attend easily, we have chosen to give the conference in french, with instant translation in english on the chat...

Hello All,

I found the entire conference exhilarating. Given my time
zone, I spent many late evenings listening to the presentations and look
forward to many more enjoyable evenings going over the recordings.

I personally will work to get this conference more coverage
here in the Middle East.  I think my organization made several important contacts and I very much appreciate the opportunity to share what my organization is doing.


Lisa Martin



Contacts and collaboration is what this site is all about, Lisa!  Hopefully, in the future, there will be representation from every country in the world!!!!!!!  Once the data is out, we can all keep track of how many countries are represented during this conference!



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