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AAB International Summer Academy at Prishtine, Kosovo

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AAB International Summer Academy at Prishtine, Kosovo

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Hi Everyone -


Steve and I are beginning to work on the keynote program for the upcoming conference. We are changing a few things this year in that keynote addresses will be invite only. We anticipate that there will be 10 or so keynote slots. 


Non-profit and for profit entities will have opportunities for spotlighted sessions, and more details regarding this will be forthcoming. 


In the meantime, who would you like to see keynote at our November event? We're looking for experienced and visionary thought leaders who can inspire us to think and act globally and who have made a significant impact in their field.  If you have ideas, send me a message here or respond in the comments. 


The information I need is:


Potential Keynote Name:


Email Address:

Web Site:

Your reasons for recommending this speaker:

Do you personally know this person and could recruit them for the 2011 conference?



If you have any questions, please let me know. I have asked a few people already, but I'm looking forward to your suggestions! If qualified keynotes cannot be accomodated this year, we'll definitely consider them for next year's event.


Attached is a press release if you want to forward it on to people. 


More later,


Lucy Gray

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Geetha Narayanan -> http://kt.flexiblelearning.net.au/tkt2007/edition-13/narayaran/ 

Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

P.O. Box No. 6430,
Yelahanka New Town,
Doddabalapur Road,
(Opp. Wheel & Axle Plant)
Bangalore - 560 106

Phone: 91.80.40447000 / 40446964 / 65 / 66
TeleFax: 91.80.28560950

email: admissions@srishti.ac.in / marketing@srishti.ac.in

Yong Zhao -> http://zhaolearning.com/

Yong Zhao, Ph.D.
College of Education
Education 170
1215 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1215
541-346-8275 p
541-346-5818 f


Twitter: yongzhaouo

I believe Julie Lindsay would be the contact.

Yes, I was just about to recommend Yong! I met with him recently in Eugene. He may be too busy.....but I know he will be very interested!

Potential Keynote Name: Westley Field


Email Address: westley@me.com

Web Site:

Your reasons for recommending this speaker: Recent experience in Africa combined with experiencein running global projects across nations

Do you personally know this person and could recruit them for the 2011 conference? yep

Hi Lucy,

I would highly recommend Carrie Wagner.  She is the author of "Village Wisdom" about her 3 years in Uganda and has created many teacher training tools to globalize a classroom, including the most recent Village Wisdom kit. She has conducted many teacher trainings to encourage dialogue about global citizenship (at both the K-12 and college level.)  Carrie's website is www.carriewagner.com - but you can feel free to contact me and I can facilitate discussion to if it is easier (info@melibeeglobal.com)




Melibee Global (www.melibeeglobal.com)

Potential Keynote Name: Brad Ovenell-Carter
Title: Director of Educational Technology (Mulgrave School); previously founding Head of Think Global School (http://thinkglobalschool.org/)
Email Address: brad.ovenellcarter@gmail.com
Web Site: http://ovenell-carter.com/
Your reasons for recommending this speaker: As the founding head of Think Global School Brad has a very unique perspective on Global Education.  Brad is also has some very compelling ideas about the nature of information and the role of technology in the classroom (some of which he has presented at BLC).  Brad is passionate about using technology in authentic and purposeful ways to support and enhance student learning, which in combination with his experience at Think Global School, would make him an excellent keynote candidate for this year’s GEC conference.
Do you personally know this person and could recruit them for the 2011 conference? Yes

Dr. William Skilling

Superintendent Oxford Community Schools



He is creating a sustainable, model global school district.

Here is a link to some of his presentations and publications: http://www.oxfordschools.org/section_display.cfm?section_id=59

He is a global leader in Michigan Public Education.

I am working on recruiting him.  He has a pretty packed speaking schedule. 


Potential Keynote Name: DK (that's it.)

Title: founding director of mediasnackers.com

Email Address: willing to send, but I'd rather not post it here

Web Site: http://mediasnackers.com/

Your reasons for recommending this speaker:

DK is an insightful and clever blogger who started Media Snackers in Wales in 2006.  He interviewed many, many people influential in online culture, and built a business helping people from business, government, and education learn about social media and its impact and possibilities.  He now lives in New Zealand working on a new venture. 

Do you personally know this person and could recruit them for the 2011 conference?

Yes, and I'm happy to try.

Hi Lucy Gray,


I want to take part at your conference to develop the topic around the risk of the pedagogical content targeting pupils. I've a ready conference that I've developed it to the WSIS (World Summit Information Society, last may in Geneva), please let me know if you are interested by this subject.





International expert in IT

Hi Mohamed -


Thanks for your interest. I'm not sure exactly what "risk of the pedagogical content targeting pupils" means. Can you explain this a bit further?



Hi Lucy,


The online pedagogical content are not always safe and trusty, Generally parents are confident regarding pedagogical content mainly regarding content and who is near it. There is no strategy or any awareness program to protect the educational content against any malicious action, I'm ready to sendyou further details if you want.



So this is about internet safety and digital citizenship? I'm sure this is very useful and needed information, but this conference is not focused on technology.

Our mission is provide opportunities for others to learn about global collaborative projects and social justice issues. If you can situate your content in terms of developing global competency and awareness in teachers and students, then it might make a suitable general  session, rather than a keynote.

Please read my tips for successful conference presentation proposals. Also, review current proposals to get an idea of appropriate topics. 

We appreciate your interest! 




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