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Hi Everyone -


Steve and I are beginning to work on the keynote program for the upcoming conference. We are changing a few things this year in that keynote addresses will be invite only. We anticipate that there will be 10 or so keynote slots. 


Non-profit and for profit entities will have opportunities for spotlighted sessions, and more details regarding this will be forthcoming. 


In the meantime, who would you like to see keynote at our November event? We're looking for experienced and visionary thought leaders who can inspire us to think and act globally and who have made a significant impact in their field.  If you have ideas, send me a message here or respond in the comments. 


The information I need is:


Potential Keynote Name:


Email Address:

Web Site:

Your reasons for recommending this speaker:

Do you personally know this person and could recruit them for the 2011 conference?



If you have any questions, please let me know. I have asked a few people already, but I'm looking forward to your suggestions! If qualified keynotes cannot be accomodated this year, we'll definitely consider them for next year's event.


Attached is a press release if you want to forward it on to people. 


More later,


Lucy Gray

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I've already read it and I think the security dimension is not included for this purpose, I do not speak about infrastructure and technology side, where obviously the security side is well developed. But the security of content and mainly pedagogical content is poor, my presentation is titled:

The protection of the pedagogical content for a secure and safe collaborative and social use.






Hi Mohamed- 


The link that you provided does not lead me to your presentation. Feel free to submit a proposal using the directions in the Call for Proposals. Your proposal must have clear ties to global collaboration in order to be accepted.





Dr Ettie Zilber

Head of School, Beijing BISS International School, China

Author of Third Culture kids: The children of educators in international schools

See her interview on Beijing radio last year.

Contact through Julie Lindsay or email ezilber@biss.com.cn


Lucy, although Carol Anne's work has involved technology as a vehicle for communication, it seems to me that her story of how "border agnostic" projects can be built and carried out.  Plus, I think a bonus would be an interactive discussion about how children function when connecting visually (and via collaborative projects) with peers in other lands.


Potential Keynote Name:  Carol Anne McGuire

Title:  Rock Our World, No Matter Who, When, or Where You Are

Email Address: rockourworld@mac.com

Web Site:  http://www.rockourworld.org

Your reasons for recommending this speaker:  Carol Anne has created and sustained a very successful global project involving students and subject matter experts from almost every continent.  Her project, "Rock Our World," has inspired hundreds of educators and thousands of students in every corner of this world.

The advantages of learning about Rock Our World are practically innumerable.  I can envision that, when educators learn of this project and all the ancillary activities, they can hardly wait to engage their students in deep participation.

Without a doubt, if/when this concept is discussed via the Global Education Conference, we all will gain a broadly expanded understanding of global collaboration.

Do you personally know this person and could recruit them for the 2011 conference? Yes.  Easy!


Yong Zhao would be great. He has spoken several times for our New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute and folks loved him.

i'd like to recommend Manish Jain. he's in India.. focus on self-directed learning, preserving the culture of a culture, and the culture of a person.

he was featured in Carol Black's incredible documentary - Schooling the World.. it would be lovely to have her or feature her film as well.


thanks for all you are doing with this conference guys...

Monika, do you have contact info for this people or do you know them personally?



Potential Keynote Name: Dr. Fazal Rizvi

Title: Professor in Global Studies in Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Email Address: frizvi@unimelb.edu.au

Web Site: http://www.edfac.unimelb.edu.au/cgi-bin/public/staff_profile.cgi?id...

Your reasons for recommending this speaker: I know him well, he is the person who created the Global Studies in Education Online Masters Program at UIUC, and I worked with him throughout. He is a brilliant speaker. 

Do you personally know this person and could recruit them for the 2011 conference? Very well and I would be happy to.


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