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Choosing a Warning Label for Human DNA https://t.co/2ohVIR5KLl
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Why Travelers Are Flocking to the Middle East in 2018 https://t.co/a9W1pA6XbE
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Learning Studios Stories https://t.co/XiL8N3SqII
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Zid Zid Makes Preschool Foreign Language Learning Holistic https://t.co/gbKbzMRsM4
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Participants were supposed to earn 300 points per mission for the game. Many people did not earn the required points and did not get a certificate when I first issued them. As a courtesy, I've now had the time to create additional ones for those who played the game. You can find them here: http://bit.ly/2017GECcertificates. If your name is not here, it is because you were not a registered player of the game. There was one player who registered in Arabic and the game did not provide an accurate spelling of this person's name. There is a blank certificate in the participant folder if anyone needs that. Sorry this took so long, but we had other priorities this winter to attend to.

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