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Know My World is searching for interested participants, teachers and students, who would like to be a part of a cross cultural classroom exchange

These exchange opportunities have the potential for a multi national inclusion. Here are four different the exchanges we are looking to match:

Traditional pen pal exchange: MO, USA (third or fourth grades)

Classroom cultural exchange: North Carolina, USA (kindergarten)

Food and Nutrition exchange: Virginia, USA (elementary)

Food & nutrition, textiles, social activism, environmental sustainability exchange: Wisconsin, USA (elementary)

Please write to us if you would like to know more or would like to participate in this exchange. We hope to continue to build your connections to other countries and students around the world! 

Kathryn L. Stoerzbach

Administrative Coordinator


Follow us @knowmyworld_org

skype: Kathryn Stoerzbach

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Hi there,

This is something that I would love to involve my pupils in! I work in a secondary school and was wondering if there are any pupils from another secondary school available? (ages 14-16)? 

Thanks in advance!

Our school's Spanish teacher and I would like our classrooms to Skype with children from a Spanish speaking country.  We are teaching 4th and 5th graders (9-11 year olds).  We would be interested in Skyping with either grade level.  In addition to learning the language, our students learn about the cultures in Central America, South America, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc.  We are located in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  Contact us at grunwaldb@qvsd.org or calgaros@qvsd.org.


I am the headteacher at igwamiti primary school in the rural Kenya,i would like to participate in this exchange


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