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Your Name and Title:  Leigh Cassell, Elementary Teacher and Founder of the Digital Human Library

School, Library, or Organization Name: Digital Human Library

Country from Which You Will Present: Canada

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience: 

- elementary and secondary school students, teachers, and administrators

- organizations and community members interested in joining the Digital Human Library to engage with students, support teachers in their classrooms, and enhance educational programs

Short Session Description:

The Digital Human Library (dHL) is a free web-based library of members and organizations from local and global communities who have agreed to share their expertise, knowledge, skills and experiences while connecting with teachers and students in their classrooms using video conferencing software.

Full Session Description:

Preparing students to enter a global society is a challenging task for all teachers, but essential to student success.  As teachers learn new ways to build the meaningful use of technology into their classroom programs, they are also faced with the challenge of using that technology effectively.  The Digital Human Library is a new instructional resource for teachers designed to support their teaching in all areas of the curriculum, by offering students unlimited access to the real experts - access to people like you, people who will engage with our students, enhance our classroom programs, and strengthen the relationships between our local and global communities and schools.

Experience how the dHL is engaging students by helping them make connections across all areas of the curriculum, and to the world beyond the school, with a focus on how this knowledge will affect their lives in the future. 

Learn how the dHL is enhancing the classroom learning environment, promoting greater enjoyment of academic learning, and improving academic success to establish a more inclusive and equitable teaching and learning experience for all. 

See how the dHL is bringing the local and global communities into the classroom, strengthening the relationships between our communities and schools, motivating our students to learn, and improving student performance and academic achievement.

Get involved by supporting the dHL either as an organization or community member, and help provide students with 21st century learning opportunities that integrate information and communication technology into classroom programs to improve educational achievement, enrich curriculum experiences, stimulate student interest and curiosity, and increase student engagement and participation.

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Is DHL a non-profit organization? 

It is not registered as such, but I have volunteered my own time to create this resource.


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