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From the Global Education Conference Archives - 2017 Keynote: Educator Lori Roe shares how she developed global pro… https://t.co/GUr6SjmjQ6
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Global Education Day at #ISTE18 is taking place on June 24th from 2-5 p.m. This free event is open to registered IS… https://t.co/gaRIv8e1d6
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The New Jersey Minority Educational Development (NJMED) has released an international ranking poll that tracks 260 nations. The poll is called the World Top 20 Education Poll that ranks this year's top 20 systems.

The data for the poll was gathered from 5 international organization and assured for its accuracy by each nations Ministry of Education Department.Which covers 5 areas of student development from early-childhood enrollment to college graduation rates. 

You can find the poll here 

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Hi my name is Tom Stanley and I am excited to be apart of this discussion. Mobile technology in the classroom can be used for field research, group work and more. One area that I feel it can be used for is to help the "couch kids" get through school. Just think if they could access an education 24/7 from anywhere they are. I approached my school district, the Lucas foundation, apple about the idea and was turned away. I also felt that it would be great to help kids during disasters...my wife is a nurse and it would be great to come in to give educational and medical help to kids. I presented this to unesco ... No deal again. Theses are just a few things that mobile devices have the potential for....:-)

Tom, I love your passion. But from my experience in making change in education; you have to take the initiative.

May I suggest you, you reapproach your school district with a proposal to conduct a study with a group of 10 to 20 students, that you will monitor their academic progress with your Mobile system against a similar group of students, AT NO COST TO THE DISTRICT.

Once, you have the data, you meet again with the school district and then attend the next School Public Board Meeting to state your case.   


thanks for the advice and I will try it. One thought, they would have to fund the mobile devices. 


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