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Flat Connections Global Projects - Start again in September - Join us!

Some pertinent questions:

  • Are you in a school that prides itself on being at the forefront of modern learning?
  • Do you want to bring global awareness to your students through authentic global connections and collaborations?
  • Do you have a flexible curriculum and access to technologies that can join your students with others?

If so....keep reading.....

New online global projects for students at K-12 levels start again in September.

  • K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow - authentic, interactive, multi-modal and global learning starts young in modern learning environments
  • A Week in the Life - Grades 3-6 work in mixed student teams on a Sustainable Development Goal challenge
  • Digitween/Digiteen - Leadership for developing global digital citizenship skills and attitudes
  • Global Youth Debates - Debate teams tackle global issues virtually and gain intercultural competence and global awareness
  • Flat Connections Global Project - Grades 9-12 collaborate and share ideas for the future of learning

Read more on the Flat Connections website.

Contact Julie Lindsay, ISTE author of "The Global Educator: Leveraging technology for collaborative learn...

Every school should be embracing online global collaborative learning - Flat Connections offers designed and managed opportunities in the form of global projects in order to do that and should be part of the 'basket' of experiences forward-thinking schools offer to students.

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