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"Glocal" Teaching -- Sharing with the World "What Works" in Small Community Schools and Why

Martha J. Meyer, Ph.D.; 

University of Saint Francis;

Fort Wayne, Indiana  USA


Target Audience:  Teachers and Administrators interested in education regarding students with disability, especially those serving small towns and communities.

Short Session Description: How to use cross discipline research to design transfer skills success through a homework model specific to community cultures and needs.

Full Session Description:  This presentation is useful for teachers and administrators in community schools that need new approaches to homework success for students with special needs.  Rather than the usual isolated practice assignments, students need opportunities for application of learned skills in real community situations to learn skills in "sets" for different needs.  These opportunities become "homework" in their transfer of learning to living in their own communities that present unique opportunities to create skill sets for future use as adults.  This model can enhance global education regarding specialized learning transfer of skills for students with disabilities within their own communities as homework opportunities in practice and problem solving.

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Hi Martha -

Please provide additional language that shows how your topic relates to our mission statement:


Keep in mind that this is not a general education conference!


Lucy Gray

If you would like your proposal to be considered for the 2012 Global Education conference, please make any changes by October 29th.

I see you on my schedule at GMT-5 (new york time) at Fri, November 16, 12am – 1am

Yes!  I got torn away to academic stuff after we exchanged messages.  I am working on this as I speak.  I wanted my time more for Africa and Asia, as this is more geared to make changes in the ways they teach children with special needs.  I was really happy with that midnight hour!

I am still worried that I have the wrong URL.  I am going in today to speak with my Tech people regarding Blackboard Collaborate.    Thanks so much for your message.  I am praying I don't really mess this up. 


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