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Important Information + Thank You for Attending the 2017 Global Education Conference!

Dear GEC Attendees,

Thank you very much for attending our 8th annual Global Education Conference! It was a terrific event.

The conference had 4,354 registered attendees from 138 countries. There were 120 sessions and 14 keynotes with 25 keynote speakers. All in all, there was an amazing amount of global learning and fun--the comments we got from attendees were overwhelmingly positive (see below).

Here is some important post-event information: 

  1. We are interested in learning more about your favorite moments, resources, and ideas from the conference. Share your reflections in this discussion forum post: http://bit.ly/2017GECreflections

  2. Recordings

    All conference recordings are here: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/2017-conference-recor.... You can view the sessions in MP3, MP4 or in the original Blackboard Collaborate formats. All recordings are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License which allows you to copy and share these recordings with some limitations. You must be logged into to our online community in order to view these recordings.

    YouTube versions of the keynote presentations will be available here later this week: https://www.youtube.com/globaledcon. In the meantime, we have years of recorded keynotes on YouTube, and hundreds of session recordings on the main GEC site.

    If you are looking for the chat transcripts from each session, you must view a recording in the Blackboard Collaborate format. While viewing the recording in BbC, go to the FILE menu, select SAVE then CHAT. You can then save a text file of the chat transcript to your computer.

  3. Resources from the conference can be found in this Participate collection: http://bit.ly/GECparticipate  and in this Storify: https://storify.com/elemenous/the-2017-global-education-conference

  4. Information about certificates is available here: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/page/2017-gec-certificates. Attendees must play our professional learning game and earn the required points from activities in order to qualify for a certificate. Presenters and volunteers must request a certificate using the form listed on our certificate information page. The FIRM deadline for playing the game and for requests is December 15, 2017. Certificates will be sent to those who are eligible between December 15, 2017 and January 1, 2018.

  5. Future Events Our next events are face-to-face events taking place in 2018. Please consider attending these if you will be in the United States on the following dates. We are also looking to host physical events in partnership with other conferences. Email Steve Hargadon (steve@learningrevolution.com) if you have a potential partnership opportunity and/or are interested in sponsoring global education events.

-Global Education Day at TCEA - Austin, Texas - February 5, 2018
This event is part of premium events at the conference and registration is required.
Details here: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/events/global-education-day-at-tcea

-The Global Leadership Summit at the ASCD Empower Conference - Boston, Massachusetts - March 23, 2018
Paid registration is required. 
Details here: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/events/the-global-leadership-summit-at-ascd

-COSN/UNESCO Global Symposium on Educating for Digital Citizenship -  Washington, DC - March 12, 2018
Paid registration is required.
Details here: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/events/cosn-unesco-global-symposium-on-educating-for-digital-citizenship

-Global Education Day at the ISTE Conference - Chicago, Illinois - June 24, 2018
Details are forthcoming.

Thanks for attending the 2017 Global Education Conference! We appreciate you! And thanks again to our sponsors and supporters!

Lucy Gray & Steve Hargadon

Co-Founders and Co-Chairs
Global Education Conference


Attendee Kudos:
  • "Great to share some ideas"

  • "I loved this session! Anne was an incredible facilitator and got many of us involved directly."

  • "AWESOME!"

  • "It is wonderful."

  • "A lot of support given to encourage teachers and very inspiring."

  • "It was really good. "

  • "Eyeopener."

  • "Amazing!"

  • "Excellent."

  • "I'm so grateful for all the presenters shared."

  • "Great links and resources provided."

  • "Very interesting, will watch it again later."

  • "Thanks a lot."

  • "Love it and attend every year."

  • "Wonderful."

  • "Thank you!"

  • "Wonderful event that brings together educators (including aspiring educators!) at all levels to learn with and from one another."

  • "Great"

  • "It was inspiring."

  • "A great event all educators can benefit from."

  • "I think is a great effort to have this Global Conference to connect a great community of Leaders and teachers around the globe."

  • "Very interesting and useful."

  • "Very informative!"

  • "The event has been thoroughly enjoyable. I learn something new every time I partake in this event. Wonderfully organized and so grateful that the sessions are recorded for viewing at a later date."

  • "The enthusiasm of the presenters was thought provoking."

  • "The scale was a little overwhelming for me!"

  • "Great - wish I could have attended more session but trimester grades due!"

  • "You have made me a lifelong learner."

  • "One of the best parts of this conference is meeting and seeing people from all over the world. I 'ran into' a friend mine from Mexico in a session.  What a great way for educators to build their global network!!"

  • "The sessions offered amazing resources and ways to connect with others!"

  • "Thanks a lot. Great experience"

  • "A wonderful event that shows the commitment to education world wide."

  • "This conference is FABULOUS!!!"

  • "I have learned about a new opportunity for my students to collaborate with peers from different countries by means of art that is a strong weapon to form global citizenship, to develop mutual understanding and respect to other cultures."

  • "Super useful, don't stop."

  • "Gratitude to the organizers, and personal reward for being a part of it. Excellent."

  • "Powerful to see the great work young people are doing to create social change. It is so important that they have a platform like GEC to share about their world, their reality, their ideas."

  • "Easy to listen and learn."

  • "I loved this session! Anne was an incredible facilitator and got many of us involved directly."

  • "AWESOME!"

  • "It is wonderful."

  • "Eye-opener."

  • "Excellent"

  • "I'm so grateful for all the presenters shared."

  • "Very interesting, will watch it again later."

  • "Wonderful event that brings together educators (including aspiring educators!) at all levels to learn with and from one another."

  • "Wonderful. Thank you!"

  • "It was inspiring."

  • "A great event all educators can benefit from."

  • "I think is a great effort to have this Global Conference to connect a great community of leaders and teachers around the globe."

  • "I was very energized when I saw two loving former teachers join my session. Who knew life would bring us together in a GEC? Now we are planning projects together to change the world... it´s an incredible platform!"

  • "This was a wonderful opportuntity to share and connect. So grateful."

  • "A wonderful event that brings together people from around the globe."

  • "Great concept. Really appreciate the 24/7 format. Whenever I have 20+ minutes, I check in to any session that is on. Some very pleasant surprises 'picking' sessions this way."

  • "Thank you for this lovely session =)"

  • "I plan on using this in my classroom."

  • "Very informative. Great!"

  • "My Middle School class was participating with me to see how to interact and learn on Eluminate Blackboard. Very cool!  I want to present next year!"

  • "This was great. I will be watching it a second time when I'm not interrupted by my young students! First time attending. So far it is wonderful."

  • "I am always inspired by so many different aspects of this conference. The way it all comes together seamlessly. The array of great ideas and different types of educators. Thanks!"

  • "GEC is a wonderful way to engage with global educators around the world to learn, network and create partnerships."

  • "Great job by the moderators! There was both live audio and chat from participants to coordinate. They both did an excellent job of filtering and responding."

  • "So many great tools shared for global collaboration."

  • "Really enjoy being part of this."

  • "Really awesome!"

  • "Very informative and motivational. Awesome."

  • "What a wonderful speaker! The gaming component is AWESOME!"

  • "a lot of useful links and interesting information... great inspiration for further work"

  • "It was a helpful session for all the teachers. All teachers should see this event and learn it."

  • "Great presentation! Great ideas shared."

  • "great resources which I can use in my projects and classroom"

  • "Learned a lot, it was great. Thank you."

  • "I love being able to attend online from my work or home. Thank you!!"

  • "Great information and some great thoughts and links. Awesome."

  • "it was a wonderful session... just a wonderful event. Very informative and educative."

  • "Incredible abundance of useful resources."

  • "I have my students attending - 5 years in a row."

  • "Awesome and inspiring! Definitely a powerful way to connect the world and raise people's awareness about issues that are affecting us as stipulated in the Global Goals."

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