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International Magazine as a Gateway to much much more in Digital Literacy!

We would love to have your adults, your teachers, your Media Specialist, your students, participate with out Literary Magazine to enhance conversations of art and media together!

Here is a bit about our magazine and then the contacts below!  We would love to have your submissions and contributions!

What is Repentino?

Who is Repentino?

What does Repentino want?

What is Repentino?
1. (Spanish, adj.) Sudden, spontaneous, unexpected.  Related to “repente,” meaning, an outburst or fit.
2.  (Spanglish, noun)  A student edited collection of outstanding literature, art and photography, published annually by the American School of Mexico City, on high quality paper with high quality printing.

3. Repentino is the flower bursting up from the crack in the sidewalk, the $20 dollar bill discovered in the pocket of your dirty blue jeans, it is the green dot on an ocean sunrise, it is the little boy’s face when he drops his ice cream cone, it is the moment when the widow laughs in church, [ it is the yin within the yang and vice versa], it is the moment that you find the words ‘’I love you’’ written on the outside of your window. Repentino is all moments but, above all, it is this moment.

Repentino seeks high quality (is it possible to define what high quality is?) how about ‘’exquisit’’ poems, stories, essays, plays, art, and photographs that probe the mysteries of human existence in our post-modern, [post-nationalist] perhaps change for ‘’avant-garde’’ or ‘’nonconformist’’ or ‘’unconventional’’ world.

Repentino seeks avid lovers of life, literature and art.

Repentino seeks you.


AND our contacts!  We'd love to hear more from you!

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