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We are looking for a group of about 15 elementary students to participate in a journal swap project.  So far we have school participating from America, Taiwan and Australia.  Unfortunately, our fourth school had to drop out.  Please let me know immediately if you are interested in joining us for this project and I will send you the project details and outline.  It will take place over the next five weeks... each week focusing on a different aspect of the project.  Thanks so much :)

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Hello Genevieve,

It's a great idea and I will contact teachers in Tunisia who will join the group

Hello Hela,

That's really great!  Thank you :)  We'd like to start this week with the introduction so that next week we can begin writing journals to send to other participants.  Could you let me know as soon as possible if you have teachers in Tunisia ready to start and their contact information?  Thanks again so much. 

Hi Genevieve!  This project sounds quite interesting.  I have a group of energetic and charismatic boys here in Boston who would love to participate.  Please email me more about this project at craigcmartin@gmail.com 

Can you share more information about the project? I'm from Mexico: I work in a secondary school with students aged from 12 to 15 and I'm interested to collaborate :-)


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