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Know My World connecting classrooms around the globe!

Dear fellow educators... as you are gearing up for a new school year and you're looking for new projects to implement in your classroom check out http://www.knowmyworld.org/ and set up a global exchange today!  Our FREE service will help you as you encourage your students to become global citizens. You pick the type of exchange you're interested in participating in (i.e. art, writing, story shares, social activism etc.) and the country or region you'd like to exchange with and we do the work finding you a match!  From there you are introduced to your match and together you decide what type of project you want to do for the exchange.  KMW simply oversees the exchanges and adds input or support if/ when necessary.  We also offer project ideas we have developed that you can do with your students.  These projects focus on cultual awareness and personal growth and development.  We have LOTS of opportunities for the upcoming year and are in the process of developing more!!! If you're interested go to our website www.knowmyworld.org and under the exchange tab click request an exchange.  Simply fill out and submit the form and we will be in touch to talk with you about your exchange and get you started :)  You can also LIKE our FB page for additional info and updates! Contact us today and help us pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested!

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Hi Genevieve,

I checked out the website & signed up.  It looks great and I'm excited about connections that can be made for my students!  Thanks for sharing the information!

Fantastic Colleen!  I'm so happy to hear that.  We will be in touch with you very soon with some information for you about match options :)  Have a wonderful day!

Hi Genevieve! I was excited to discover your post and look into the website. I am currently taking an online graduate course through Muskingum University called Education Leadership and Globalization and we are required to connect with educators from another country as part of our final paper. I feel that this website and exchange would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I think it would be great to connect with other educators and connect my students with students from another country. I was so very interested in reading about the 1st Grade art exchange between a classroom in Taiwan and one in New York, sounded like something I could possibly do with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing the information, I can't wait to hear back from my exchange request. 

Thanks, Molly Wright      

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