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HI - I'm based at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the United States. We're looking for educators from around the world to sign up their classes for a 'learning journey' on our website Out of Eden Learn. Our online learning community accompanies National Geographic journalist Paul Salopek on his incredible seven year walk around the world in the footsteps of our ancient human ancestors. Take a look at his latest beautiful dispatches.

Just as Paul Salopek is experimenting with "slow journalism", so we are encouraging young people to slow down to observe the world carefully around them and to listen attentively to others. We invite them to exchange stories related to people, place, identity and to reflect on how our individual lives connect to bigger human stories. We cluster classes together so that students can post their work online and interact with other students in a compelling social media format; everything is free of charge.

I'm attaching the latest version of our curriculum design for the fall


Please visit our website or educators' blog for more information. You can email learn@outofedenwalk if you  have questions.

We hope you can join us! We have been getting amazingly positive feedback from both educators and students. 

Liz Dawes Duraisingh

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I think I saw info about this last year, and it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing and we'll re-post in several locations. 


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