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Rapid Remedial Reading - Bringing Teachers and Classrooms Together Across the Globe

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Reo H. McBride, Ph.D., Course Director: Learning Management Systems & Organization

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Full Sail University

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United States of America

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Parents, Primary School Teachers, High School Teachers

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The time has come to quit treating the symptoms and to get to the source of students' reading difficulties

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Many parents and teachers around the world struggle with their children's reading difficulties.  Children globally have been labeled ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, and a whole host of other acronyms and categories.  This session is not to denigrate efforts made to help such children.  Rather, it is to praise efforts made, but at the same time show that there is a different approach that should be taken in solving children's reading/learning difficulties.  As educators, we globally tend to treat only the symptoms of such problems.  We sometimes fail to recognize that there are unseen physiological reasons in the brain for such reading/learning difficulties.  This is not something that is dark and mysterious, but when shown how to remediate, all parents, teachers and students around the globe can benefit.  This session will show and discuss the pedagogy and methodology needed to treat students who have been diagnosed with reading/learning problems.  This pedagogy and methodology is not unique to any one country or culture, but pertains to any culture or people.  Please allow me to show you how parents, teachers and students can connect in the classroom experience - not just in any one country, but globally.  For are we not all part of the human race?

In the first website below, you will find an article written by the former news commentator and columnist, Paul Harvey, concerning my father Dr. Vearl G. McBride.  The second link is a review of the book he wrote, "Damn The School System: Full Speed Ahead!"  This session is NOT an effort to sell the book - it is out of print.  Rather, the session is dedicated to showing educators and parents around the globe how their children, who are struggling with reading and learning, can excel and realize their true potential.  The third website, although a little dated, tells more about this phenomenal way of helping others learn how to overcome reading and learning difficulties.

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In this session parents, teachers and students will learn ways of how to overcome reading difficulties - methods that are not taught in the traditional settings of schools.  When the body is coordinated, so will the brain be.  This session will address three issues:  poor eye convergence, mixed cerebral dominance, and poor coordination.  These three maladies can affect one's ability to read, to read smoothly, and to comprehend.  These methods were developed by Dr. Vearl G. McBride, well over 40 years ago, and he has taught 1000's of individuals (parents and teachers) in how to save their children in school, by helping them become better readers.  If you are an educator wanting to truly make a difference in a child's life (or even in an adult's life) join this session and discussion - you will not want to miss this practical application of good pedagogy and sound methodology - education for what is real!

Hey Everyone,

This session,

Rapid Remedial Reading - Bringing Teachers and Classrooms Together Across the Globe

 has been moved to Friday, November 16, 2012, at 2:00pm (EST).  Please reschedule on your calendars.




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