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Hello everyone,

Hope all r fine...

the topic here i mentioned is very pathetic for us those who are living in the developing countries. the education system in my country, specially the resulting system is still lagging behind from our expectation. in the Secondary and the higher Secondary schools in the developing countries are under the coverage of Analogue resulting system. that is why it takes a long time to proceed on the final result..times are passing by..a very few of the High class universities are offered the digital resulting system..but what about the others????

most of the schools,colleges, universities in the Developing countries are not under the Internet coverage...that is why they are still backward from the Developed countries student...but we must say, they also do well if they get proper access of the Digital education.. the best example of the Digital education or resulting system is the KHAN ACADEMY of Salman Khan of Bangladesh in USA..we also have a dream that if the proper resulting system in Digital format thus consuming a little time, we strongly go ahead and the very very valuable time of our student life will not be missed out from our life..

Find our result by a click of the mouse, its our dream to be digitized..

I'm highly looking forward to your answers...

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Have you tried SlideSpeech? It has an input:output ratio as low as 8:1 (you are simply adding a script to the speaker notes of your presentation slides), and it plays back using 90% less bandwidth than equivalent Khan Academy video.

Hey John,

Plz watch this.....how it is plz tell me.....


I took the first slides of your presentation (SPARK.pptx) and turned them into this SlideSpeech presentation (just by adding a script to the speaker notes).



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