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I have built an business based on developing global education and collaboration through the community based school trips I run to rural schools and orphanages in Africa and Indonesia. Student groups and individuals help and uplift others from disadvantaged backgrounds and also have rewarding and culturally rich experiences themselves. Life long school links and friendships can be made by developing sister school programs. Programs are designed to help others but also to suit the individual schools and students aims, skills and strengths in order to build upon them.

 Activities such as connecting drinking water, building shelter,painting,teaching computer skills and planting vegetable gardens can be tailored to suit the needs of the school or orphanage and student's goals. Also by developing curriculums that allows students to gain basic life skills that they can transfer in to jobs in their local community. We work with the individual students that chose the program and balance those with the needs of the project site developing global communication links and insights into the world in which we live.

I need schools and individuals to help with the projects by joining trips or by online communications.

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very nice idea... I love it...

Thanks please send me your details I would like to talk further about what we do and I need an asian area location to help us expand our business.

Thanks Sir!

I'm a master teacher at Quirino High School, Quezon City Philippines.

You can contact me through my e-mail ad: sirrolan77@yahoo.com

Lets try to talk one night this week.Let me what suits.

This year my focus is introducing more technology into my classroom and to bring the world into my classroom.
I would like to discuss the possibility of working together.

Kind regards,
Daniel Dillon
Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada.
Grades 9-12

Let me know if we can chat on Skype or by phone>>???

Hi Daniel, Willowbridge College will be implementing virtual classroom lecturers from Janauary 2013.


We'll record everday's full time class lectures, edit and publish these video recording on our web site. These classroom recordings will remain active on our web site for 7 days, with a host of other advantages to our students. 

You are welcome to discuss with me.

Johann Lotz


Willowbridge College





how are you ?


I am very well.


Tell me more about yourself, your school, which curriculum you guys offer.




Johann Lotz

Great i would be happy to talk ...maybe over SKYPE my address is peter.evans92

Hello Sir Peter!

This is a very compassionate action to save children from the underprivileged areas.

May God return the blessings to you a hundredfold.

Good day Sir!

- Rolan

 c.p.#: +639398271927

 e-mail ad: sirrolan77@yahoo.com

facebook account: sirrolan7@yahoo.com

twitter account: https://twitter.com/RolanBarcelon


Hi Peter,

Let me know how we can assist you.

We offer the UK International Secondary School curriculum (Academic pathways) plus BTEC Level 1 - 3 (Vocational, Specialist & apprenticeship pathways) qualifications from age 14+.  All our qualifications are reigstered and recognised in 92 countries.

For more information please visit our web site. www.willowbridgecollege.com.


Johann Lotz


Willowbridge College

E; info@willowbridgecollege.com


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