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Hi All,

We're having a conference at BU's College of General Studies on Teaching Globalization this June. Here's the Call for Papers:

Teaching Globalization: Crossing Borders / Crossing Disciplines—An Interdisciplinary Conference to be held at Boston University on June 22, 2013.

As the challenges now facing students transcend old borders dividing cultures and polities, new curricula must also transcend old boundaries dividing the academic disciplines.  To address these parallel trends, our conference calls for papers from teachers and scholars in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences addressing the following question: How has the challenge of teaching your students about globalization, or teaching other subjects with a more global orientation, required you to integrate more than one academic discipline?

In this conference we hope to explore a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:
  international relations, global popular culture, economic competition & integration, religious conflict & dialogue, climate change & the global commons, telecommunications & social media, human rights, and transnational NGOs.  We are also interested in studies about literature and art that cross cultures, that are situated in cultural borderlands, and/or that span differences in time and space in innovative ways.  Literary genres that engage multiple disciplines also fall within our conference parameters. We invite papers on pedagogy as well as research.
The old deadline of 2/1/13 has now been extended. Paper titles & 250 word abstracts should be submitted via email by FEBRUARY 28th, 2013 to Professor Sam Deese (rsdeese@bu.edu) and Professor Cheryl Boots (cboots@bu.edu).

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