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Sharing Stories: The Power of Storytelling 2.0 Projects for Student Voice

Your Name and Title: Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Teacher Trainer

School, Library, or Organization Name: The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Educators employing mobile devices of any kind or even those new to the Bring Your Own Device / Technology movement; language teachers, those interested in digital storytelling

Short Session Description: 

Ideas for integrating digital storytelling projects in your classroom that engage learners!

Full Session Description: 

Our learners enjoy listening to stories and creating stories. Storytelling encourages learners to use the language they have learned and apply it to a context and setting in a creative way. Collaborative and global digital storytelling takes this learning to the next level. Various online tools, mobile learning apps and ICTs allow learners to collaboratively create and share their stories digitally. In this presentation, participants will discover cool digital storytelling tools and lesson ideas. They will leave with practical tips for managing, evaluating, and implementing digital storytelling projects.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

A free ebook and tons of mobile learning resources can be found here, http://bit.ly/mlearningLINKS as well as a list of digital storytelling tools here, http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/2012/02/08/engaging-learners-th...

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Shelly -

Remember that this is not an ICT conference, so make sure to include lots of examples of global collaboration in your preso!



Hi Shelly,

(I think I follow you on Twitter, too...) I am really interested in this presentation, and will, time permitting, be tuning in for it. I'm particularly interested in what you would classify as 'digital storytelling' - that is, what makes it digital, and what makes it storytelling. I've seen lots of discussion about this, but the topic of digital storytelling is vast! Anyway, looking forward to hearing more.


Hi Keith!

Thanks for your message. I will be focusing on collaborative digital storytelling projects for global projects. I think there are various types of digital storytelling such as stop motion, animation, claymation, etc. I am going to focus on the process and how to actually organize a digital storytelling project.

Hi Shelly,

This sounds very interesting. I will certainly try to attend, timezones will be a challenge.

I like the idea of students writing their own stories and sharing them globally. It would make a really nice read, compare and contrast our global lives in a unit/ project.

Where does one place the globally shared stories of our students? Or is this one of the conundrums we as teachers need to solve as part of our global collaboration? Is it something this site can do?

If we have a place with our globally shared stories it becomes a resource for all to use in our lessons/ projects in global education / intercultural education.

The power of students realising that people in other countries have things in common with them (as well as things that are different) can be harnessed for better personal understanding and a step towards curbing racism.

Hence a site or keeping place for these created stories would be good.

Looking forward to the session in November!


Jo Corrigan


Thanks so much for the response! See you at the webinar!

Hi Shelly,

I'll be here for this one, sounds great! Cheers, Kristina 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for sharing all of these story telling tools!


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