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Teaching global challenges with Solution Focus to increase engagement and inspire action.

Your Name and Title: 

Kristina Stoney, Director 

School or Organization Name:


Co-Presenter Name(s):

Ian Tran: Principal Sustainability Strategy, Operations, & Education 

Alam Anjum: eLearning Education Research & Development 

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Australia, USA, UK 

Language in Which You Will Present:


Target Audience(s):

Teachers and students interested in these areas: 

  • examining the role of student engagement when planning for global collaborative projects
  • showing teachers concrete examples of global collaborative and student-led projects
  • elaborating the steps needed to participate in existing projects or to design projects
  • how students are engaged in real world problem solving through global collaborative projects
  • role of student interest in civic engagement and social justice topic
  • giving overviews of programs or organisations that support student involvement in global issues

Short Session Description (one line):

Teaching global challenges with Solution Focus to increase engagement and inspire action.  

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

(10min) Kristina Stoney: What is a Solution Focussed Approach and how does it connect educators and classrooms to  promote global awareness and inspire action towards solving real–world problems? See how the approach has these worked with ISMOTION programs: Ride To Learn, Future Leaders, and Classroom Consultants. 

(10min) Alam Anjum: Why is digital literacy combined with Solution Focused learning programs important for Pakistan's youth? What value does creating and sharing a positive story have on the narratives we create? Hear can global competency be fostered for students engaged from rural and urban areas of Pakistan. 

(10min) Ian Tran: What are some of the risks involved with digital education in the kinds of challenges we tackle and the foreseeable points of challenge for educational social enterprises? How does a global reach for transparency create deeper education? Learn more about developing curriculum that engage students in meaningful experiences and develop real wold, implementable solutions. 


(10 min) Q & A  

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Kristina -

Please edit your proposal and make it more clear how your work relates to our mission and strands:




Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

Thanks Lucy for checking in! 

This short presentation will likely cover a number of the recommended items from the teachers and student strands, including: 

  • how to get started with global projects
  • how to internationalize your curriculum
  • how to find project partners and build relationships that will ensure project success through the development of personal learning networks
  • ideas for involving parents and school communities in global projects
  • supporting and empowering youth involvement through various programs and activities
  • giving overviews of programs or organisations that support global work in classrooms
  • highlighting model projects, programs, and organizations that directly involve students
  • identifying tips, tools, and resources aimed at student involvement in global opportunities

As to the mission -- yes, all three of us are aligned with programs that are global and solve real world problems. These are the programs we are talking about. Ride To Learn, as we spoke about last year which Alam has worked to establish in rural Pakistan and Ian's working on some new student-led programs. I've added the Solution Focused (Humane) aspect, because I think it is important to empower action through this approach and many educators have found this helpful when I share some of the tools and perspective. 

Let me know if that clears things up and if you have any other questions. 

Cheers, Kristina 

For additional details about my proposed segment:

What are some of the risks and responsibilities involved with global digital education that don't happen in face-to-face educational experiences?
What are foreseeable challenges for educational social enterprises to ensure quality educational content remains accessible, engaging, and balanced?
How do engaging experiences like the arts and adventure create deeper educational opportunities?
Learn more about developing curriculum focused on fostering meaningful learning opportunities that encourage real world engagement and implementable solutions for students globally.
Using principles of sustainability through place-based, challenge-based, and inquiry-based learning allow us to employ interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and non-disciplinary techniques which can be adapted by K-12/Primary school to institutes of higher education and informal educators alike.
These methods address a crucial step in developing local and global awareness, and when utilized in appropriate context, aid learners to navigate and resolving complex interconnecting challenges of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.


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