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AAB International Summer Academy at Prishtine, Kosovo

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AAB International Summer Academy at Prishtine, Kosovo

August 13, 2018 to August 24, 2018

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Summer Institute on International Affairs for Educators at Washington, DC

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The efficiency of using fresh grade apps in teaching mathematics for grade 12

Your Name and Title:Ali Said AL-Matari

The efficiency of using fresh grade apps in teaching mathematics for grade 12

School or Organization Name:Almutanabi basic school for boys(10-12)

Co-Presenter Name(s):Ali Said AL-Matari

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:Oman

Language in Which You Will Present:english

Target Audience(s):Teacher.Student.Leadership.

Short Session Description (one line):

Raising awareness of the importance of employing educational platforms in the teaching of mathematics among teachers.
Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

What's the problem? As a teacher: I want student to succeed but I don't have the time to teach them all individually. As a student: I know thelearn better when I'm interested in and involved in my learning. As apparent: I want to know more about how and what my kids are doing in school.
Communication is key:
• Education is shared between the home and the school.
• Good communication is important as we work together to support student learning.
• Research tells us that:
• Placing a number of letter grade on everything can negatively impact student motivation and learning.
• Giving fewer marks and more feedback can lead to improved student achievement.

What is formative assessment?
• Includes:
• Sharing goals and critical with students.
• Giving descriptive feedback while they are working towards those goals.
• Helping student improve through self and peer assessment.
Formative assessment?
What am I going? Clear learning targets, criteria for success.
How do I close the gap? Descriptive feedback, adjust instruction.
Where am I now? Collect and document evident, analyze evident.

We need to be rethinking reporting
This type of reporting will include….
• Learning goals
• Student voice.
• Evidence of learning ( photographs ,videos ,audio ,anecdotal comments)
• Techer comments.
• Goal setting.
Before: this report card template does not allow for any descriptive feedback. The focus is solely on the letter grades.
After using fresh grade reports: fresh grade is a tool which allows teachers to communicate with student and parents in a more effective manner.
What is aims of this project:
Project aims:

1) Stimulate both the teacher and the student to use specialized in social networking programs to enrich the scientific material interactively technical programs, to reach the best results in the educational process.
2) Work to upgrade and improve the academic level of the students of different levels; by encouraging them to continue their solution sport through trial and error method, and send it again.
3) Support the scientific material and enrich educational electronic interactive strategies serve the student and the teacher.
4) Form good trends with social networking applications for the local school and community.
5) Interactive Employment electronic platforms.
6) The composition of positive attitudes towards e-learning.
7) The employment of smart phone applications.
8) Twinning between the segments of the educational community.
9) Employing digital warehouse.
10) Achieve community partnership with parents.
Group Targeted
- Grade twelve students.
- Faculty of Applied Science specialization.
Importance of the project:
- Gate to gain access to more sources of knowledge.
- Supports education among students each other
- Documenting all academic levels, achievements, grades and reports.
- Reminded the students and send notifications to them, helping them to organize
- Saves a lot of time and effort because of the availability and the interface is simple and easy to use
- Creation of interactive classes
- Gives a clearer idea of the ways of learning students, and their achievements, and their posts
- Build channels of communication between the various communities to encourage knowledge sharing and scientific interest
- Follow up on all the learning stages.
- Helps guardian to provide direct feedback.
- Communicate with the teacher directly without restrictions.

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Thank you for your proposal for the Global Education Conference. Please consider editing your proposal and adding specific details to connect your proposal to our international mission: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/notes/The_GEC_Mission_Stat... 

Our conference is not exclusively focused on general education, ed tech, or distance learning topics. A global perspective may be implied in your current session description, but we would appreciate it if you could edit your proposal to help our attendees understand the global implications of your work. How does your topic relate to globally connected teaching and learning? 

Let me know when you’ve made these changes, and I’ll review your proposal again. 



Last call! If you are planning on editing your proposal and submitting it for review again, please do this by the end of business on Monday, November 6th. Let Lucy Gray at lucy@globaledevents.com know if you make changes and want her to review your proposal again. 



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