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“The Value of Values in a Transformative Learning Framework.” How student’s values/experiences impact learning and instructional design methods.

Global Education Conference 2014

Name and Title: Richard C. Close

Organization: Chrysalis Campaign. Inc.

from Which You Will Present: New York City Area

Language: English

Target Audience(s): Educators Instructional Designer Administration

Wed, November 19, 7pm – 8pm


SESSION Recording  - http://tinyurl.com/m4pp86c

If the session link doesn't work for you, please copy and paste into your browser.


Session Description:
The Value of Values in Transformative Learning Framework. How student values/experiences impact learning and instructional design methods.

SlideShare Draft of Presentation for pre-session questions and comments:



Full Session Description:


“The Value of Values in a Transformative Learning Framework.” How student’s values/experiences impact learning and instructional design methods.  


This is a visionary session on how Values impact the way we intake, process and create as individuals and collectives.


Higher education has the luxury of a path of intellectual relativism that when people fail they disappear to become someone else’s problem. In another world, billions of people lift themselves from poverty, war, abuse, and trauma by transforming or leveraging core value systems. Educational organization including k-12 must handle a growing percentage of students traumatized by life’s pressures. While counseling can test for literacy, learning styles personalities that are at a lost at figuring out why a student folds their arms and says “I don’t care.” How do we test values?  Human values drive the entire learning process yet are the least research because of the difficulty and controversy in measuring them.


While working on my Masters in Adult Learning I was stunned at the abyss between high academic theory and the work of educator and volunteer the work and transform the hopeless cases every day. In contrast our conversations with some of the Lost Boys (and women) of South Sudan we are exploring how Values both help individuals exceed even through their learning frameworks contains horrific experiences. Contrary to current transformative theory it may not be the environment or “reflection” that brings about change. It is rather the values that both filter and seek out new frameworks that a process of change can be built on.


This session will propose a Transformative Learning Framework TLF theory using a systems approach to cognitive and collaborative theory. It will define what values are and how they impact both instructional design and the experience of the student. Lastly TLF will challenge “reflection” as the transformational process and propose intervention framework replacement methods that any educator or mentor can easily deploy. What good is any theory if is does not translate into a method(s)easily deployable by the field.


This session will use multimedia with sometime offensive language and emotional images of struggles with learning. The media is used as a narrative to demonstrate the impact of poverty and the positive out comes of a transformational process.


Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

Community: http://globallearningframework.ning.com

UNESCO project: http://i-am-the-story.ning.com

Blog: richardcclose.blogspot.com

Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/richardcclose

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/richardcclose/

Tumblr: http://richard-c-close.tumblr.com

Twitter @richardcclose

Skype: @richardcclose

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Hi Richard,

Enjoyed watching your presentation after the conference. It's unfortunate that we are all so scared about discussing "values" and spirituality in education. I consider these to be the missing links in our education system and one of the key reasons that this system (esp. in the West) is in such an abysmal state.  I would argue that values do (originally) come from religion, but not just one in particular. They are embedded in all the great religions which share the fundamental truths of love, purpose, honesty, service, etc.., etc... Would like to stay connected to your work; you can find me on LinkedIn.

Ms. Zarrin Caldwell


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