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What is the current trends and demand of eLearning among Third World countries: Understanding Learning, Technology and Poverty

Initially and even of unfortunate note,  I would like the embrace such reality that despite  the potential of learning management systems to support both blended learning and learning that is entirely delivered online, the majority of LMS-supported e-learning initiatives in developing countries do not fulfill their potential; they fail, either totally or partially because, still at the end of the day people from these third world or developing countries tries to still cope up with what we call the basics of life, food, shelter and health, even undermining the education and the hunger for learning.

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I agree that the basic needs of these people that so many of us take for granted,  take priority and are on  the front line before learning can be fully recognized to its fullest potential.  It is a sad fact, and it happens in the US daily too.  Students who are not well taken care of, nourished, and or neglected in some form are not learning to their potential no matter how many resources we provide for them. 


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