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Why is academic curriculum still disconnected from the real needs of our communities?

How come we are not educating youth to create jobs rather than turn them out to find ones that may not out there? Why have youth working part time in a trade by the age of 14 and 80 % by the time they are 18? How come the last two years of college the student is not working part time in their profession?

How come every town does not have an Adult Learning Center to educate people out of poverty and support business or agriculture? How come students with ICT skills are not interning in local business helping them infuse technology and helping them grow?


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The reason is because there are no oportunities for youth to work in things they are studying in college because of their age. It should be a priority to make them practice in something that they will work for their lifetime, to gain experience. In my hometown, there are projects where the students have to work on business to graduate, and then they look for jobs on that same business because they have gain experience there and people know how they develop on their work there


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