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Your Name and Title-:
Yoshiro Miyata, Chukyo University
Lorraine Leo, technology teacher
Jose Saez, grade 3 teacher and assistant principal

School, Library, or Organization Name:
Chukyo University, Aichi, Japan
C.R.A Laguna de Pétrola
Jackson School, Newton, MA

Co-Presenter Name(s):
Yoshiro Miyata, Lorraine Leo, Jose Saez

Country from Which You Will Present:
Japan, USA, AU, Spain

Language in Which You Will Present:

Target Audience (such as primary school teachers, high school administrators, students, etc.): primary school teachers

Short Session Description (one line):
A discussion of global collaborative Scratch projects

Full Session Description (one paragraph minimum):  
International and cross-generational collaboration through the Scratch environment provides students with an opportunity to work with others in the local and global community to communicate their ideas and promote global friendships and awareness. In this session, we would like to describe “World Museum Project”, an international cross-cultural and cross-generational collaboration, focusing on the process of how it evolved from a small project connecting two schools, into a project involving many schools/groups, and discuss a set of design principles that developed through organizing such collaborative projects.

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

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I think the link doesn't work.

Hi Leire Urkidi,

Thanks for your note. Please check back tomorrow as the server is temporarily not working.


Hi Lorraine, in the tags above, you need to choose and add these so that this workshop is searchable. 

2012Teachers 2012Students 2012Curricular 2012Gaming. Can you choose from those options and got up the top to options>edit your tags and choose which ones are applicable and place them at the beginning of your taglines. Great to see the submission of this workshop.


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