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Hello GEC Community! I'm writing on behalf of LitWorld to invite you to celebrate World Read Aloud Day this Wednesday. Here is some background on the day as well as ways that you can celebrate:

World Read Aloud Day is held annually on the first Wednesday of March to remind us all that reading is a human right that belongs to all people. However, 793 million people around the world lack this basic human right and we must join together and take urgent action to change this.

On March 5th, wherever you are, grab a book, poem, article, famous speech, graphic novel (anything goes!) and read aloud with family, friends, colleauges and community members. Read aloud in person or over video chat. Read aloud to one person, or read aloud to many. Your actions will create joyful change. 

Visit the LitWorld website for fun and easy celebration ideas and download our free activity kits. Spread the word about World Read Aloud Day on social media to help us grow the movement. World Read Aloud Day has become a worldwide event reaching over one million people in more than 65 countries around the world. This year we are over 600 cities strong, a number that is growing every day.

Join the movement. Read Aloud. Change the World.

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And I will be reading aloud that day! Come tomorrow! 

Yes, and its part of the history that we have forgotten, the magic of love we have thrown away.

In Africa, it used to happen in the traditional societies where we used to camp around fire every evening to listen to mythology and compelling stories of our elders.

And since I am in a urban setting, I must admit I already miss it. But perhaps a poem will do...

Let every person write or read something to their friends or family.

Happy reading aloud members!


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