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Hi, if you need moderator in Russian language -  I'll help you.
Please write me! 

Best regards,

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Previat Petrinie,

My name is Gabriel Vleisides, I'm the European Coordinator for the Global Education Conference. I lived in Moscow, Russia for 2 years in 1991. Ya zabil ochen manoga slova Russkom muzike, no ya vse yeshche mogu ponyat nemnogo.

I don't think we have any presentations in Russian planned, they are usually in English. But thank you for volunteering to help!  I will help you connect to our Russian presenters, if they need help.

During the conference, some of our Russian presenters might appreciate your help summarizing the presentation by typing Russian text into the Blackboard collaborate's presentation room's "chat box". This would be very difficult to translate word for word, but you can type a short summary of each part of the presentation.

By typing a short Russian language summary during some of the presentations, will allow Russian only speakers to understand what the presentation is about. There are other ways of full LIVE translation capability via voice, but Blackboard collaborate program does not support that as far as I know.  If we find a Russian presenter that can benefit from this I will setup a secondary audio source link for others to hear your voice as a live translator, but this will be purely experimental.

If you are interested in learning how to do this, you may contact me via email at gabrielv777@gmail.com

Ochen preatna Grazina,


You can count on me, too! Russian is my native language.

Ludmila Smirnova


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