You are Invited to the Global Share-O-Rama!

I'm using a tool called Flipgrid to have educators respond to a series of prompts related to globally connected teaching and learning. The Global Share-O-Rama is located here and I'm looking for educators and global education organizations to participate. Consider doing any of the following:

  • Promote your project, organization, or book that relates to global education
  • If you are running a project and need participants or partners, let us know in this Flipgrid as well.
  • Share your favorite resource (article, book, tool, website etc) for helping educators connect to the world
  • ¬†Questions about how on how to collaborate globally are also welcome.

I've created seven topics or Flipgrids within the Global Share-O-Rama; you are invited to respond to one or more of these by recording a short video of yourself discussing the topic. To participate, click on a topic, then the + sign, and allow Flipgrid to access the camera on your computer if necessary. If you are using an iPad, you can download the app, and use the code that is available in the top lefthand corner to join that particular grid. You can also leave responses for other educators who have posted to Flipgrid, too. 

Below are some examples from the Global Share-O-Rama. I hope you will join in and make some new connections to enhance your work with students! Please share this information widely.

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    Robyn Vierra


    I would love to check this out but wondering about the password?