• Volunteers

    56 members

    We sincerely thank you volunteering your time to benefit thousands of educators around the world! Please join this group, as it is the discussion and email group for volunteer moderators. Instructions are below. Please sign up to volunteer during conference time slots at https://gec2017volunteer.y…

  • Advisory Board

    40 members

    This is the group for members of the Advisory Board for the Global Education Conference. Anyone can join to help promote the conference and to be recognized. Please review the duties and responsibilities below.

  • Presenters

    129 members

    Welcome!  This is the discussion and email group for conference presenters. You must join this group as part of submitting a proposal, as important communication with presenters will be sent to this group's members.

  • Ponencias en español

    48 members

    El objetivo de este grupo es unir toda las ponencias en español y apoyarse uno al otro. Bienvenidos

  • Global Awareness Curriculum

    298 members

    This is a group for anyone interested in developing some basic standards and curriculum around global awareness.

  • GEC Twitter Users

    244 members

    If you are a user of the microblogging service called Twitter, or would like to learn more about this phenomenon, join this group!

  • Connecting Classrooms - Skype, Hangouts, Etc.

    194 members

    This group is for educators looking to pair up with other classrooms using Skype, Hangouts and other connective tools.

  • Aquí se habla español

    50 members

    El objetivo de esta grupo es unir a todos las personas que hablan español y tengan inquietudes pedagógicas  tecnológicas,  colaborativas o de esta conferencia. Aquí encuentra amigos y colegas. Bienvenidos. Guía de la Conferencia en español