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Looking for resources that will help you go global with your classroom? Join our network and see our resource page!… https://t.co/Pf2ECPuRs4
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5000 Educators Take The UAE Teachers Licensing Exam https://t.co/3qO0uAViRs
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From the Global Education Conference Archives - 2017 Keynote: Educator Lori Roe shares how she developed global pro… https://t.co/GUr6SjmjQ6
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Global Education Day at #ISTE18 is taking place on June 24th from 2-5 p.m. This free event is open to registered IS… https://t.co/gaRIv8e1d6
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Kiva Team Global Education Collaborative

This is an invitation to all GEC members to join our brand new team on Kiva, a microlending service that provides small loans to people in need all of the world. You can do this on your own, or work with a team of people based on an interest or affiliation. Many schools are using Kiva to promote service learning. 

The idea is that you make a loan of at least $25 to a person you select from the Kiva web site. You browse profiles, and choose people by the purpose of the loan or the region of the world. Participants are required to pay back the loan to you over time, and then you can re-purpose your original donation and lend to another deserving individual or group. 

Make sure you dig into Kiva's site and try it out yourself. The statistics, profiles and maps within the site are very interesting and make for great discussion starters with kids about global economics and poverty.

For more information, check out this wikipedia article on microcredit.



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