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I learned about The Global Educational Conference last year through a colleague. I joined some sessions and I loved it.

This year I impatiently waited for the conference;  Despite some technical difficulties( connectivity), I managed to attend what turned out to be an amazing learning journey: innovative ideas to try, practical steps to use,successful experiences and projects to share, experienced educators and experts to discuss with and connect to... in brief, the conference gave me the opportunity to answer many questions, find solutions to some problems, learn new things, and see the "harvest" of PBL when appropriately used and how it transforms learning into a more engaging , enjoyable and purposeful experience.


Thanks to this global community, I got inspiring ideas that I will certainly use with my own students. I am no longer worried about how to help my students acquire 21st century skills; What's more, belonging to a group gives a sense of security and encourages educators to delve into new expériences more confidently.


I still have a long list of recorded sessions to view, but I have already taken interesting notes , and saved useful links. I would like to thank all presenters, moderators, participants and all those who contributed to the organization and success of this event! It has been a pleasure learning and sharing with you all. Next year, I hope to be able to join the conference as a volunteer ( moderator/ presenter).

These people have made so much effort to make our "trip" enjoyable and informative. I feel I owe them so much and I look forward to sharing my past , present and oncoming expériences/ thoughts... with such a global audience of commited educators! Thanks a million!

Greeting from Morocco

Ikram Eseghir

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Comment by Ikram Eseghir on December 4, 2013 at 3:26am

I attended many sessions these are the titles:


GlobalEdCon Smackdown, A Sharing of Resources and Tools from the Week- Heidi Hutchison

The Online Model United Nations Movement: The Move Towards Global Community -Omar Eldarawy,

Creating Responsible Global Digital Citizens in the Technology Age- Melanie McCreary

Global Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills are dialectically connected- Samah AlJundi

Attaining the Creative Classroom with practical projects- Joel Josephson

DeforestACTION: Monitoring the Rainforest from your Classrooms- Sara  Hassan

Twitter for Educators: An Introduction to the Global Collaboration Network- Ashley Cross

Conference Closing Session-Globaledcon Organizers

A Glimpse Into The Life of a Connected EFL Teacher- Tatyana Chernaya

Opportunities and obstacles of using Quranic schools to achieve EFA goals in Nigeria- Nasir Baba

Charter for compassion international-Marilyn Turkovich

The Transformation of Education- Jaime Casap

Window to the World” – a path for the school of the future- Effie Kyrikakis

Building a Global Culture of Accessibility with Mobile Devices- luis perez

International Service Learning Projects - Best Practices6- Matt Rudisi

The Student Experience in a Global, Online Classroom - Jake Clapp

Global Competencies for 21st Century High School Science Curriculum: Integrated, Student-centere​d & Content-rich -Catherine Saldutti

I also viewed some recordings as I couldn't attend until Wednesday, Thursday and Friday;

I will write reflections on some specific sessions in seperate blogs.

Comment by Lucy Gray on December 3, 2013 at 1:39pm

What sessions did you attend this year ? What did you learn?

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