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First of all I must say thanks to all organizers, sponsors and presenters in this Conference.I'm here for the first time and I like it. I'm happy that i found out about the new ways of teaching, new technology and opportunities. I plan to listen the recording of some other sessions, but no hurry, they are here and I'll do it one by one :)

Here is my summary for sessions that I attended as a part of the global Education Conference.


MY HERO Learning Circles & CALL TO ACTION - Wendy Milette, Director of Media Arts Education

I didn't have time to see the site in details, but I'm more then sure that in January I'll start some project with my students that will be part of My hero. I'm working with small students (8 years) but they are always exited and very creative when we work in some international project, so I'm sure we'll enjoy in My hero project.


One Montessori World: Connecting Elementary Students and Teachers from around the Globe - Jennifer Williams, Director of Education

     One Montessori World was session that I was expecting a lot, because I’ve heard about this way of learning and I wanted to learn more, but I was disappointed, sorry to say, but I didn’t like it.


ED4ALL - Esplori: a platform to teach and learn anything, in any language, on video - Federico Pistono

I liked the idea about Esplori and how it will work. It will be great if we can translate videos on our own language with one simple action, because there are so many resources, but the most of them are in English and I (and lots of teachers ) can’t use them because we work with small children who don’t understand English. I already subscribe for news about this project and I hope it will start with work soon.


Virtual Study Abroad: Leveraging Technology to Foster Cross-Cultural Competence Among U.S. and Macedonian University Students

I was pleasantly surprise when I saw that there will be a session with presenter from Macedonia, not because we don’t have great educators and examples of good practice, but because I thought that this Conference is still unknown in Macedonia. Well I was wrong and I really liked this session about the experience of collaboration and learning between students from different parts of the world, with different age and interests, but with same goal to learn more.  


Work With What You Have - Louise Morgan

I liked the enthusiasm and the way the presenter started with the project, with equipment that she had, 2 computers, 2 laptops, camera and some other things and she made it, she did great project. Especially I liked  how it affected the kids, how happy were they when they realize that many people from other countries watched their work.


Playful Learning: Connecting Educators through Games

Playful Learning is great site that I found thanks to this Conference. The session was very useful, it was about opportunities for using games in learning, different types of games and network tools. Kids love playing games and using them in learning is great way to make learning more interesting. This site will be part of my lessons.


How a community of educators meets online using Google Hangout with unlimited participants-Vance Stevens

I was listening recorded session about  how a community of educators meets online using Google Hangout with unlimited participants.  It looks very useful to do it, by getting URL for session and embed code. I must say that I need to listen and try this ones more to be more clear to me, but it is very useful especially in large projects with more then 10  participants.  


Can MOOCs Really Make an Impact in the Developing World? - Ioana Literat

The session was about positive and negative sides of MOOC course. I agree that it’s far from reality that it can solve education problems in development countries, but it’s good step. It has problems like the presenter said about poor digital infrastructure, languages skills, cultural and ethical challenges, evaluating quality, but also it gives opportunities for localized relevant MOOCs, lessons for embodied classroom. I liked the sesson even I don’t have some special interest about this.

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