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What tools are prestigious schools incorporating into their eLearning programs?

The University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School implemented a state of the art virtual learning environment (VLE) with Interactyx Limited’s TOPYX® VLE platform.

Beginning this term, the candidates of its Executive MBA program will use the TOPYX platform. Judge Business School is built on an ethos of collaboration. Accordingly, it searched for a VLE that supported collaborative learning. They chose TOPYX, developed by Interactyx.

The ability to incorporate Web 2.0 social networking technology into and outside the classroom is redefining our student’s learning experiences while still being core to its values. Now, Judge Business School students, instructors and administrators can share information and ideas faster and easier than ever before with the use of TOPYX’s technology.

Its EMBA students will experience in and outside the classroom:
* Access to course materials - as well as their peers - whenever and wherever they may be, via the Internet and mobile devices
* Assimilate Web 2.0 resources and an array of social networking tools with eLearning content
* Integrate online profile, web presence and online communities into each learning object to facility collaboration and informal learning
* Benefit from an intuitive, easy to use VLE platform

Read the full article here: http://www.interactyx.com/blog/what-tools-are-prestigious-schools-i...

Get more information at: www.interactyx.com

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