The January to June 2019 Know My World EveryWorld Initiative is accepting applications now for teachers to be eligible to participate in a fully funded virtual exchange experience. Applications will be open until February 23rd.

Teachers selected for this opportunity will work with a Know My World facilitator and a teacher from another part of the world. As a team, they will create an educational experience in which students from two different countries have the opportunity to engage in a fun and informative project. At the end of this experience, teachers will receive a professional development certificate of completion, and tools to continually manage their own digital exchanges in the future.

Teachers will receive:

    • A partner match in another country
    • Customized project planning experience
    • Support in cross-cultural communication
    • Strategies and rubrics for evaluating student work for cultural competency and social emotional development
    • Exposure to educational apps and web platforms
    • Time management strategies
    • Tools for integrating project-based learning into established curricula and learning standards (including the Common Core)
    • A certificate of completion

To view the impact 2018 campaign, check out the infographic here.

Applications are now open!

Interested teachers/schools should visit our “How to Participate” page and submit a short application to Know My World in order to be eligible for the scholarship, which will cover the entire cost of the digital exchange experience!

Applications are due by Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

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