Hi everyone,

I have just invited a bunch of very talented teachers from our school who have been chosen to explore possibilities around International citizenship and Global Awareness. There are at least two people from each of our three schools (Snr, Middle, Jnr) I have asked that they explain who they are and what they would like to explore in this area.

I would very much appreciate your respones to their thoughts. In the end we are looking to develop ongoing relationships with at least one school so that we and our students can gain a better understanding of our world.

We are a super school in terms of technology and should be able to collaborate in any way you wish eg video, audio, text chat etc We can even host collaborative projects using our systems.

Soon we will also have a presence on second life and hope to invite you all to participate with your teachers and students. If this and what I have written above sounds like you then please contact me or respond to this post.

We look forward to contributing our ideas to this forum.

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I would love to collaborate with your junior school teachers next year when I start my new position at ISB - I'm in limbo right now because I'm currently middle school, but I'm trying to set up elementary collaborations for next year. If your middle school teachers would like to collaborate before the end of this school year, that could work too. Basically, I'm in :)
Thaks Kim let us know when you are up an running
We would love to collaborate - we are a K-8. We have some amazing plans for next year -For example, our multiage (1-2 grader, 6-8 year olds) will be studying Martha's Vineyard's whaling tradition. The pursuit of whales took our ships to New Zealand and Austrailia. We are booked through the end of this school year, but we can plan for September. We are a flexible, project based school - we also have the tools to exchange rich media and can host collaborative projects.

SecondLife, cool! (so far they have not blocked it) How can we find you there?
I am Westley Streeter in Second Life and soon we will have our Island 'Skoolaborate' on teen second life. meanwhile we have a short project on body imgage that could work with your year 8's - we are doing it with Year 9 are you interested?
'Skoolaborate'! did they think up the name?
I am definitely interested! Please explain your year 8 and year 9. Our year 8 are in eight grade, 13-14 year olds. This is our "senior" class, they go onto the high school in 9th grade.

The US is test crazy, they are starting these tests next week, off to England on their class trip and then graduation. Our 8th grade students would definitely love to collaborate with yours, but we will have to wait til September.

Oh I like the name of your second life island!
My students and I will also be ready to collaborate across the world, starting in September.

We are a Pre-K - 6th grade (4-12 year olds) elementary school. Since we are an independent school , we are very flexible in what kind of projects we can tackle. In the technology area, we are ready for podcasts, vidcasts, video conferences, blogs, photos, etc. .. you name it ... we can try it...
Great we are really looking to develop an ongoing relationship. Do you think this is possible with your school? Do you have a website etc?
Our School's website is:

School podcast feed is:

Our China Blog 2006 (Virtual Travel) is:
I am one of the MLC teachers involved in Middle School (Year 6) who is interested in collaborating with another school overseas during our Term 4 (Oct-Dec). We are exploring how our country (Australia) is connected with other countries through trade, design, technology, immigration and history (just to name a few).

An idea which comes to mind is a design project in which a product needs to be designed to suit a particular market overseas. Market research would be one of the components, I imagine, though the actual construction of a prototype would be delightful to send. I'm not fixed on this idea, in fact, I'd like it to be radically altered in consultation with others.

Has anyone had experience of this form of project? Anyone interested in participating in the creative process of designing this unit of work? I would be happy to communicate our learning outcomes and we could discuss possible connections etc...

Love to hear from you.


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