I traveled to China last year and took my students along virtually through a blog, podcast, photos and videos. It looks the way that the school is going to travel again. This time to Egypt!

Although we visited the German Swiss International School in Hong Kong, I felt that the component of direct contact and collaboration between students was missing to make this a more rounded experience.

I would love to start collaborating with a teacher and his/her class in Egypt or a teacher teaching about Egypt.

If you are teaching/living in Egypt and are interested in having our 6th graders learn from each other through an online project


are not living in Egypt, but are teaching about Egypt in your curriculum and would like to collaborate with our 6th graders (11/12 year olds)

Please contact me to discuss further possibilities.

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Hi Sylvia -

I really like your China blog... I've actually showed it off during a few presentations before. You also had a travel meme going around recently, didn't you? I forgot to respond... I'll do it if you repost it somewhere!

Anyway, Jen Flynn, who works for EF Education, was recently in Egypt on an accreditation visit to a school. She was very impressed with this school, and unfortunately, I didn't get the name of it. Jen is off to Argentina on vacation this week, but I'm sure she'll be happy to point you in the right direction : jen.flynn@ef.com. Just tell her I sent you!



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