Would need a school who has students (13 - 16) who would like to participate in:

A collaborative project where students, ages 13 - 16 exchange their ideas on body image and how it affects them. This unit will be happening in our next term (8weeks from May 7th)

We need a group of students who can meet online to share and collaborate with our students around the topic of how media impacts on body image etc More details can follow but we need to make the initial contact. I have invited their teacher Lyndal to participate in this community.

The questions we need answered at this stage are

1. Do you have a school with an ichat account for video conferencing and communicating

2. Do you have students or can you link us to students that may be interested

3. Are those students literate in English / Korean / or Chinese?

It will be minimal participation at this stage but we would love to develop the relationship over time

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