Join in a fun and collaborative project, A Day in Our Neighborhood, sponsored by the Collaboratory Project at Northwestern University! I used to use the Collaboratory a great deal in my classroom, and I particularly like their group themed projects. Visit the aforementioned link or read on for more information.

Lucy Gray


On May 23, 2007, students take The Day in Our Neighborhood Survey, an
online Survey to learn more about the other students who are
participating in the A Day in Our Neighborhood Project and their
schools and communities.

Students take photographs and record audio (optional) of the
locations in their school and community. They will then share these
with other participants, along with descriptions of what their
photographs and/or recorded audio clips feature in The Day in Our
Neighborhood Nexus Community.

The student work in this project will be accessible through The Day in
Our Neighborhood Interactive Map, an online interactive map that will
mark the different areas where the data, photographs, audio clips and
captions were collected for this project.

We look forward to having you join us for The Day in Our Neighborhood
Sponsored Project featured during the May. To register, please message
bthurber in the Collaboratory or send email to with your name, Collaboratory login, and grade level.

For more information please visit the website at

Thank you,
Bonnie Thurber
Collaboratory Project Staff

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Thank you Lucy - this is quick and cute. I signed up today.


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