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I'm planning to post the project below (and attached) to iEARN, and would welcome the GEC members' ideas on what about it needs changes before posting in iEARN. If any of you also want to get involved, please contact me!



Would you welcome the chance to have students watch videos of pieces created by young people in the country your class is studying? Teachers and students are invited to create video material introducing their community to the rest of the world. Next Vista for Learning (www.nextvista.org), a young nonprofit based in California in the United States, is working to attract content to its Global Views collection. Content is gathered and hosted by NextVista.org, though creators retain control over how long it remains in the collection.

Please consider these questions when planning videos with your students:

* What are the places in our community that show something special about who we are?
* What do we say about ourselves as students that tell how we see our futures?
* What ways do we build friendships and have fun?
* What are the challenges young people face in our community?
* Is there a connection between what our community needs and what we will do over the next twenty years of our lives?

Those interested should contact Rushton Hurley (rh[at]nextvista.org). Please provide the name, e-mail address, and location (city, state/province/region, country) of the person who will be the main contact for the project.

The rules for the videos are as follows:

* Videos should not be longer than five minutes, with two to three minutes ideal.
* Videos should contain no copyrighted content. If music is in the video, it should be by someone (ideally, one of the project team) who has given permission for its use. Participants are encouraged to record their own music for videos.
* Videos should not identify any participant by name. Please tell about your community without identifying yourselves personally; this is done for the protection of all participants.
* Videos should be in .mov, .wmv, or .mpg formats.
* The script for all audio should be typed in an .rtf document so that those with hearing difficulties will be able to enjoy what you create.

Participants may also send pictures and voice recordings to Next Vista so that my team here can create the video for them.

If you wish my students to create the videos for you, please follow these rules:

* Pictures should be in jpg format, and their names should be numbered in the order you want them to appear in the video.
* Footage (if you have it) should be in .mov, .wmv, or .mpg formats and can be sent using YouSendIt.com for free if too large for e-mail attachments.
* Audio should be in .wav or .mp3 format. For those using PCs, the accessory Sound Recorder (accessories -> entertainment -> sound recorder) can be used to create the files. Please number these files in the order they should be heard in the video.
* Provide in an e-mail a script aligning the pictures and audio files (telling, for example, that AudioFile02 should begin when Picture04 appears).
* Provide in the same e-mail the name of your community and school for the title page. If you want anything else added as a title, please let us know in the e-mail.

We hope that you will participate in our project, and that you will enjoy seeing how others around the world introduce their communities.

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