One of the things that I do is help coordinate a global collaborative learning project run by the Israeli Ministry of Education. The project which teams Israeli High School classes with classes abroad will be going into its fifth year next year. This year we teamed 24 classes from 17 Israeli school with classes from 12 countries around the world. We are beginning to look for high school classes who would like to work with an Israeli class during the next school year.

The project is built around the two classes communicating with each other in English, studying each other's literature (or cinema) and culture and creating a web presence to house and showcase the collaborative process and outcomes. The project is described and illustrated on the project website:

Recently, some of the participating schools have begun to use web2.0 applications to facilitate the collaboration (Skype, Moodle, wikis. YouTube & Google Videos,etc.)

One example of such a collaborative project can be seen here: and

Sharon Peters of Lower Canada College (a Classroom2.0 member) made an Spresent presentation about her participation in this project (as well as many others) here:

Another project done this year between an Israeli and Italian class was presented here:

Any high school teachers who might be interested in participating in this project next year please contact me for further information here or by email:


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Hi Reuven -

I've passed on your info to a high school history teacher at my school... I hope she contacts you!

Thanks Lucy,
Greetings Reuven - Would you consider exchanges between middle school children (12-14) year olds? I know a seventh and eighth grade class who would really appreciate and be able to sustain the type of exchanges you demonstrated above. Meanwhile, I will pass your information to our high school.

Hi Valerie,
Thanks for your response. Our program involves only High School classes, mainly 10th and 11th grade although we have worked with 9th grade classes from abroad.


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