9th grade Science/Environmental Science class wants to make international connections for 2010-2011 school year

I am a 9th grade teacher at a medium-size private school in Mumbai, India.  I have been challenged to make some international connections via technology for the coming school year.  I am open to any and all
suggestions -- collaborative story writing, sharing books, studying
periods in Science, etc.  Would love to discuss with you! I am interested to know the different projects and activies taken up by
the schools to create awareness among the students about solid waste
accumulation problem and different practical management techniques like
segregating, recycling etc. to curb this problem.

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Dear Kadambari Bane

My name is David and I am with an organization called "Worlducate". Our mission is to share ideas for sustainable science across the Globe. We believe in teaching students to be be good stewards of our planet. The Worlducate Curriculum and Science Kits are developed to address a wide range of relative science; such as soil erosion, recycling, water conservation, wind power and more............

If you would like to try a pilot program, free of charge, and share your results with this group, we would be honored. Please let us know, regards David and Worlducate.
Dear David Merigold
I am very much glad and honoured to get a reply from you.I am very much interested in trying out this pilot program featured by Worlducate.
My students will be really interested in establishing a link and doing a project in Solid Waste Recycling related to waste that's generated in the school.
Looking forward for more information and your reply.
Regards, Kadambari Bane
I'd like to invite you to join the ePals Global Community. The Global Community has teachers from 200 countries! A language translator helps in 58 languages, too. It's free, and you can use several great science projects with your students! See: http://www.epals.com/projects/info.aspx?DivID=index
Global Warming
Natural Disasters

You can see information from a science teacher in India who created a bean growing project too:
Suman Sood
Birla High School For Boys Jr. Sec.
Kolkata, W. Bengal, India
The Great Bean Race
See Suman's project description and video »
See student work »

It's free to join the Global Community. It's free to use the projects. It's free to use the powerful and safe SchoolMail, too.
Hi Kadambari,

I am an 8th grade teacher in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I would love to connect with you and your students if possible. We have worked a great deal in relation to Climate Change and Alternative Energy Resources. We could certainly create a project or something relating to solid waste accumulation, recycling, management, etc.

Last school year my students won a Provincial award based upon their work in overhauling our school recycling program so they will be very interested in collaborating with students from across the globe to hear what it is like there in relation to recycling and climate change.

My email is hilljw@shaw.ca or hillj@spsd.sk.ca. Pleae contact me and let's get something started. Thanks so much,

Jason Hill
Prince Philip School
Gr.8 Teacher
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Hi Jason Hill,
Thank you for showing interest in this project. As mentioned before we are working on this 'Solid Waste Segregation and Management' project. This is our action plan for the same.
1. Online Survey- For checking the students awareness related to this topic.
2. Induction Programme- To give an idea about the action plan for the project.
3. Role plays- To spread the message of problems generated by improper disposal of solid waste.
4. Trash Audit- To do a Comparative study of the waste generated in the school.
5. Celebrating 'NO WASTE DAY'- To minimize the generation of waste.
6. 'Best Out of Waste' Activity/ Recycle Art Contest
7. Field Trips are being planned - To demonstrate the recycling of waste.
and some activities are yet to be planned which we will keep uploading from time to time.
We would appreciate any kind of help or guidance from your side in this project. We would like to know of any activity/ method that we could follow in our school related to this project. We are interested in establishing links with your students. We are open to online interactions or via email with you and your students.
Looking forward to your response at the earliest.
Mrs. Kadambari Bane
Hello, I teach an environmental science class to 11th and 12th graders in Scottsbluff, Nebraska (USA). I would love it if our classes could develop ways to discuss topics we learn about during the school year. Some of the topics I cover with my students are water, forestry, populations, consumption, solid waste, energy, agriculture, pollution, policy, etc. I think it would be great for my students to have dialog with peers from around the globe. What are your thoughts?
Heather Haberman
Dear Heather Haberman,
I am very much glad and honoured to get a reply from you. I and my students will be really interested in establishing a link via email or chat and doing a project in Solid Waste Accumulation and Recycling related to waste that's generated in the school.
Looking forward for more information and your reply.
Regards, Kadambari Bane
Sounds great! I started a school wide recycling program at our school 5 years ago. If you'd like I can have my classes try to gather the data from our accumulation. I've done this in years past, and it's always very interesting to see our totals. It would also be great to compare our school's to see the difference in the amount of consumption taking place! My school e-mail is hhaberman@sbps.net please feel free to e-mail me! I am also on Facebook. If you have a photo of your class I'd love to show it to my students. I'd also like more information on your school and location if possible. This will be an awesome experience!

Hi Kadambari.  I was wondering if you (and your students) may be able to further collaborate via email, skype, blog, etc. as to how things went with your recycling project.  I know some of our students have been communicating via email already.  Let me know.  Again my email is hillj@spsd.sk.ca.  As well, my skype address is: mrjasonhill1


Thanks and I look forward to heairng from you.




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