A dream is happening?!: This University is groundbreaking innovative for the following reason(s): …



Your Name and Title:


Oliver Janoschka


School or Organization Name:




 Co-Presenter Name(s):


Peter Kalvelage


Area of the World from Which You Will Present:



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Target Audience(s):


Learners, Students, Experts on Higher Education, Policy-Makers, Professors, Representatives of Networks, foundations, NGO´s


Short Session Description (one line):


A dream is happening?!: This University is groundbreaking innovative for the following reason(s): …


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):


Preamble: This is not supposed to be a “normal” session- The time where knowledge has been shared in the classical sense, meaning a “professor” lecturing while the student/audience listens is over. At least it´s not what we are interested in. We believe in the potential of the group and the wisdom evolving through collaboration and exchange.

We want to apply this thesis during this session and therefore ask for Your active contribution.

The key question for our discussion shall be - where from Your subjective viewpoint- is University education and learning really fundamentally innovative? Where is it taking place? Who are the acteurs  behind? What is their philosophy, their visions, what are the drivers, the common principles and mostly: What and how are they doing (it)?

We are looking for Your story, Your best practice example or maybe just Your explanation about an institution you have heart about- an organization where you (would) want to be a student, which is contributing to society and ready for the future of the 21st century, not just by its rhetoric but also through its actions and visions.

We would like to investigate where the “paradigm shift in higher education” is already taking place and to understand better what innovation means for You in this context.

In the best case, you would contact us before the session, sending us a short paragraph/further details in reference to our title: A dream is happening?!: This University is groundbreaking innovative for the following reason(s) …

We are seriously interested in the outcomes of this session, as we would like to take it as a reference-base for further research and a documentary movie.

Thank you in advance to contribute and to join this discussion.


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Thanks for your submission to present at the 2011 Global Education Conference. Your proposal looks promising, but could benefit from some additional language that ties your work to the conference theme of global collaboration. Your proposed session may imply global collaborations and connections, but we need to see more explanation of how your work ties into our mission.  The conference seeks to present ideas, examples and initiatives related to connecting educators and classrooms around the world with an emphasis on promoting global awareness and instilling global competency in students. This is not a general education conference nor a technology conference. Please review your submission and adjust accordingly, so that participants clearly understand how your work fits into the mission of the conference.
Dear Lucy,

Thank you for your note. I am not sure if this automatic (?) response suits with our proposal. In fact, the idea to ask this group of participants to contribute to the question where they consider innovation in higher education to take place seems genuinely close to the broad mission of this platform by contributing "significantly [to] increase opportunities for building education-related connections around the globe while supporting cultural awareness and recognition of diversity."
As described, it´s a more subject-oriented approach but actually we believe that this set-up could contribute even more to the conference theme of global collaboration.

Looking forward for further specifications


It is indeed close to the what we are trying to achieve here, but you need to include more language about global connections and collaborations. You need more specifics related to international implications and aspects. 


The deadline for submitting your revisions to this proposal is November 7, 2011 at 5 PM CST or 23:00 UTC.  Email Lucy Gray at elemenous@gmail.com if you make changes and need your proposal reviewed again.


We will not accept revisions after this time. If you choose not to revise, we appreciate your ideas and we hope you'll consider applying next year. 


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