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 Thomas Lyons Former Provincial Coordinator for Education for a Global Perspective/Education pour une Perspectif Mondiale

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 consultant with Educational Awareness and Education Adviser to the Georgian Canadian Education Centre, Tbilisi.

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 Toronto, Canada

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 Teachers and curriculum planners

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 model will present a practical framework for introducing a global perspective across the curriculum

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 Education should prepare learners for entry into a fluid regenerative society instead of perpetuating existing roles, conventions and structures. Global education or a global perspective in education should be positioned at the forefront of this transformation.. A global perspective requires a new forward looking lens through which one sees the world in a new and different way and acts accordingly. To do this I have identified a number of key concepts that can be infused into the existing curriculum thus retaining the integrity of existing content areas provides a process in which learners acquire the skills, values and knowledge needed to succeed in a complex interconnected world.


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