Your Name and Title: Ms Paramita Roy


School or Organization Name: St Dominic’s Priory College

Co-Presenter Name(s): Years 6 & 8 ICT & English Class

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  Australia

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Students and Teachers

Short Session Description (one line): Students will take the audience on a Virtual Journey, share some of their favorite destinations in Asia and will discuss the significance of learning about cultures and people. 

Full Session Description:

Years 6 & 8 students from St Dominic’s Priory College will take the audience on a Virtual Journey and share some of their favorite destinations in Asia

In small groups students will discuss

  • What they learned about Asia, the significance of their work
  • Learning journey, insights, understandings that took place during the process.
  • Students will also discuss some of the ICT tools they have used to construct their projects and the reasons why they believe these projects are important to create.

Students will also discuss:

Project Highlights - People and Diverse cultures

Students concept of "Unity in Diversity"

How Technology can be an effective tool for sharing information

Apply a range of tools to collaborate with students around the world.

Please join us.

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