Are you in? Looking for one classroom from every state to collaborate on a book. (GEC Partner)

Hi, I'm Jon Smith. A few years ago I worked on a collaborative project where we made a book together with another classroom.

It was an amazing journey. A journey that would plant a seed and begin an adventure.

I believe that students create better work when there is a global audience for it. Don't you agree?

The idea that I could get classrooms from around the world together to write and publish a book lead to the #TWIMA projects. Eight projects later and classrooms from around the world are sharing in the excitement. No longer are they writing only for their teachers, only for their schools and only for their parents. After participating in these projects, the students can truly say, “The World Is My Audience”.

Join my session 'The #TWIMA Projects' at the Global Education Conference, 5pm EST, Tuesday 19th November. 

Find out more about Book Creator at

[Book Creator is an official sponsoring partner of the 2019 Global Education Conference. We thank them!]

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I'd like to join you to collaborate on a book. I am a teacher from Ukraine.

Awesome. I'm sorry for the delay!…

Oh I would love more information!  I am in Louisiana.

Awesome. Here is the link to get started.…

I teach in Baltimore Art . Would that work?

Great! Here is the link to get started.…

How will I join?

You can join at the link below.…


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