If you would like to receive a certificate to indicate that you attended sessions, you need to do two things AFTER you have attended sessions during the 2014 conference. This information does not apply to archives from previous conferences.

  1.  Please fill out this form completely. (THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER NOVEMBER 17).
  2. You also must post a short reflection (1 detailed paragraph minimum) to your own blog or the blog within the Global Education Conference community: http://www.globaleducationconference.com/profiles/blog/list. You need to include the working link to your post when filling out this form. (DO NOT WRITE A BLOG POST UNTIL YOU'VE ATTENDED A 2014 SESSION).

Failure to follow directions will result in no certificate being made available to you. No notifications will be sent. 

Requests are due by December 1, 2014 and will be emailed to attendees by January 1, 2015. You must request a certificate by filling out the required form after you have attended sessions. A single certificate will be given to participants, not multiple certificates for every session attended.

Presenters, information about your certificate process is posted in the Presenter's Group. 

If you have questions, email Conference Co-Chair Lucy Gray at lucy@lucygrayconsulting.com.

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Thanks for giving us the clear instructions. I will apply as per the given dates :)

I put reflection on my facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/giuseppe.fortunati

for http://education.nationalgeographic.com  and also for the first session USAID

for the Certification


Your reflection needs to be public so that everyone can see. I hope your link is public. Secondly, putting this information as a reply to my post is not adequate. You must use the form that we require. Otherwise, we will not send you a certificate!

done according to instruction

I have filled out the form and send it as per instruction.

Thanks for the guideline.

Hello Lucy, i were a presenter in the education conference and I send the information for the certificate in the form.  I want to now where do I get the certificate. 


Please re-read the information on the form. It is also posted in the presenters' group. Certificate

It also states this information at the top of this post.

 Are the certificates available yet?

Please read the original post. 

 I have filled out the form and send it as per instruction.

still waiting for the certificate .

Thanks for your hard effort.

Attendee Certificates

and will be emailed to attendees by January 1, 2015  ???

do you have some news about it ?????


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