Wellbeing In An Unprecedented School Year – We Can Help!


Dear Fellow Educators,

We are constantly in touch with teachers across the country as they deal with the current crisis. Time and again, we’re seeing that wellbeing is finally being recognised as a must. With resources designed to bolster character, our ACARA aligned lessons can help students develop character strengths, such as resilience, empathy, kindness and creativity, in order to support wellbeing.


Our teachers have developed Wellbeing Workouts to help students understand the striking power of optimism. Thinking like an optimist pays off hugely and these activities can help students develop a more positive outlook.


How We Can Help You

To support teachers as students return, we are offering FREE ACCESS for the remainder of terms 2 and 3! That means access to all our stories, powerpoints, videos, quizzes, lesson plans and more. Plus accounts & access for every student! 


This is an excellent opportunity to support and inspire your students, with help from amazing people who knew a lot about challenging circumstances, including Gandhi, Frida Kahlo, Shakespeare and Harriet Tubman.

Thank you for everything you’re doing. We look forward to supporting you. 


Kind regards,


Marion Andersson

Education Team


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