Girl`s Empowerment: Steps and Examples for Building Projects in Local Communities.

Girl`s Empowerment: Steps and Examples for building Projects in Local Communities.

Your Name and Title: Montserrat Fregoso Fonseca/ Industrial and System Engineering Student/ Freshmen 

School or Organization Name: Tecnològico de Monterrey

Co-Presenter Name(s):
 Marìa Fernanda Fregoso Fonseca

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: MEXICO

Language in Which You Will Present: ENGLISH, SPANISH

Target Audience(s): Students, Curriculum, and Leadership.

Short Session Description (one line): Steps and examples for building Girl`s Empowerment projects in local communities.

Full Session Description:

In celebration of this year’s International Day of the Girl, we decided to build a project in partnership with Know My World to celebrate the amazing skills and leadership of girls in one of our local orphanages. All the young girls were given the opportunity to participate in activities that encouraged theirleadership. They were given workshops in motivation and goal seeking. We made activities that empowered young girls, and motivated them to follow and achieve their dreams. At the beginning, girls were asked to draw, write, or tell us their life goals/dreams, and by the end of the day they knew what steps they must take to get to their dreams. Most importantly, they had a plan about how to make their dream a reality day-by-day.

We continue planning more events like these so we make a greater impact in our community and get to reach more people around the world. How are we going to reach them? Participating in these Global Educational Conference, we will have viewers around the world that by the end of the session will know the steps to planning and performing a complete enriching project supporting Sustainable Development Goal #5, Gender Equality and Girl's Empowerment. People who join this presentation will learn how can they create Girl`s Empowerment projects for their own communities, starting from team building to documenting the experience. Giving them a real life example of a project we recently performed, they will have a clear idea on how to make it happen in their own place.

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