Empowering Young Leaders: Steps & Examples for building projects at a Global Level

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Montserrat Fregoso Fonseca / Student / We Stand For Change founder
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Tecnológico de Monterrey - We Stand For Change
Know My World

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Maria Fernanda Fregoso Fonseca

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Target Audience(s): Students, young leaders, entrepreneurs with social impact,

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Presentation on the steps to build an effective organization/team for Sustainable Development Goals projects.

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We Stand For Change is an organization that was created by a single student and a mentor which grew throughout a year and today counts with more than 80 members. We will explain the steps, materials, and importance of good leadership, in order to build a lasting team. Sharing experiences and example projects for other teams and leaders to start.

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Hi Montserrat,

How does your topic relate on a global level? We need to see specific language on how anything your project does that adds to a global perspective for students. See our mission and see if you elaborate further on how your work relates to our mission. It is not clear that your organization is working on global projects.


Lucy Gray

Conference Co-Chair

Hi Lucy,

Thanks for reaching out!

We Stand For Change has been growing up rapidly because of the impact it has had around our community. We make projects to help achieve de United Nation's Global Goals. Some of our members live in the US, in Moçambique, Uganda, Holland, and in 3 differnt cities in Mexico. In Aguascalientes we have the main team, and Guadalajara is opening an official team in January. The same in Cuernavaca & in Mexico City.

Since people from different cultures form our organization, we believe that it is important to make an impact in each of those countries, besides creating multicultural learning enviornments through different activities.

WSFC is also supported by Lisa Petro's Know My world organization & the NGO The Grail. They both have Global visions and missions! They are our mentors and share our projects in their webpages (which have a world wide outreach).

The same way they share our projects, WSFC also writes monthly and sends out emails to potential sponsors, young leaders, and community leaders that might have an interest in either joining or supporting.

The UN's Global goals were set for the whole world, and as we make project by project, we want more young leaders around the world to know the steps on how to make a project, how to measure the impact, and motivate them to start any idea they have in mind to change the world!

Please contact me if more information is needed. We have plenty of material & pictures to share.

Many thanks in advance,

Montse Fregoso


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