Your Name and Title:  Mrs. Maha Hassan 

  School or Organization Name:  Teaching ESL Hub

  Co-Presenter Name(s):  ------

  Area of the World from Which You Will Present:   Cairo, Egypt

  Language in Which You Will Present:    English 

  Target Audience(s):  Teachers, Trainers

  Short Session Description (one line):  How can new CEFR revisions help                                                                      teachers develop Pluriculturalism in their classes?

  Full Session Description (as long as you would like):

“The CEFR [Common European Framework of Reference for Languages] takes an innovative stance to seeing learners as language users and social agents and thus seeing language as a vehicle for communication rather than as a subject of study.”

“The methodological message of CEFR is that language learning should be directed towards enabling learners to act in real life situations expressing themselves and accomplishing takes of different natures.” Thus appeared the great emphasis and importance the new CEFR revisions gave to Plurilingualism and Pluriculturalism to develop active global citizens. How can teachers promote that and what is the relation between that and Mediation?

In my Presentation, I will talk about the new CEFR revisions and how they can benefit teachers to help their students promote better understanding of other cultures whether abroad or even among their classes. I will especially refer to the descriptors used to help guide teachers along the way and how to assess the development of their students in that concern. Not only that, but to help them “develop their awareness and competence in that area.”

  Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:                          


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